Sunday, August 28, 2016

King Soopers: Huggies for only $3.49 per bag!

Wow, another great diaper deal going on this week!  Starting today (August 28), there is a catalina printing at King Soopers for $10 off your next purchase when you spend $30 in Huggies products!

Here is an example of a good breakdown:

  • Buy 4 bags of Huggies diapers/pull-ups/goodnites (any style) for the Mega Sale price of $7.99 each ($31.96 for all 4 bags)
  • Use any combination of the following coupons:
  • Pay at least $23.96 for all 4 bags, then get a $10 cat for off your next purchase, so it's like only paying $13.96 for 4 bags of diapers, or $3.49 each!

Do you have any crazy deals or suggestions you'd like to share with us? Please comment at the bottom of the page!