Friday, September 2, 2016

King Soopers: Mio Liquid Water Enhancers, $1.99 or better!

We love Mio Water Enhancers over here at Crazy Cart, but they can get pretty pricey.  We were so excited to see that they're part of the Mega Sale for only $1.99 (when they're usually $3.99!).  But things got even better when we checked our King Soopers app and saw that we had a digital coupon for $1.20/2!  This made each enhancer just $1.39 each!  We know not everyone will have this coupon, but go ahead and check to see if you do!

When we bought these two, the register printed a coupon for $1/3.  When we went back and bought those three, the register printed another coupon for $1.50 off of four!  We've been using these coupons to stock up, because we go through these things....well, like they're water!

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