Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Take a look at a rebate app that has literally paid back thousands of dollars to individual people!

Update as of June 2017: the Ibotta app looks a bit different than these pictures, but the idea is the same.  See those changes here.

While we haven't made it to the thousand-dollar club yet, we have gotten back hundreds of dollars from using the Ibotta app!  It is extremely simple to use, and the best part is that the rebates are on grocery items that we typically purchase anyway!

How exactly does Ibotta work?  This video gives a great explanation.

We highly recommend downloading the Ibotta app and giving it a try.  If you download it here, you can get an additional $10 when you redeem your first rebate!  And that's just the beginning: we personally know people who have gotten over $1,000 from Ibotta, and we ourselves have gotten back hundreds of dollars in just these last few months.

When you first start using Ibotta, start simply.  Make your shopping list, and then go through the rebates to see if any of the items on your list also have a rebate.  If so, then unlock the rebate and head to the store.

As soon as you get home, put your groceries away with your Ibotta app open so that you can scan barcodes right then.  After you finish, upload your receipt.  You should see your money within 48 hours, although most of the time we see ours much sooner than that!

If your store has free Wi-Fi, you can even have your Ibotta app open at the store and scan the items as you put them in the cart!  Then as you leave the store, upload your receipt right there.  (Don't do this unless your store has free Wi-Fi or you have unlimited data, because Ibotta uses a lot of data.)  We strongly suggest that you at least scan each item before you put it in your cart so that you can make sure it qualifies for the rebate.

One thing that is awesome about Ibotta is that oftentimes, the rebates will reset after a few days.  That means it will come back!  You can then purchase the item again and submit it for another rebate.  To save yourself a trip, you could also purchase two of the item in the same visit, but you MUST ring them up in two separate transactions on two separate receipts.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  And let us know how your trips go; we would love to hear from you, whether they are successful or total flops!

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