Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Win a free HATCHIMAL!!

The Crazy Shopping Cart is having a Hatchimal giveaway!
Funny story: one of our admins went to Target this morning to get the Star Trek drone TOTD (toy of the day) for $43, and lo and behold, there were TEN Hatchimals and our admin was the fifth person there!  This is one of those times that Brickseek got it all wrong (the admin had checked before going and Hatchimals were still listed as out of stock).
Our admin's cute 3yo with the "dragon egg" Hatchimal.
So in honor of our new Facebook group, we're having another giveaway!  We will be doing a drawing on December 18 at 7p MST.  One lucky winner will receive a purple on purple Hatchimal!

From now until the drawing, every person you add to our new Facebook group (and who is still a member by Sunday) will give you one entry into the drawing AND will enter them into the drawing.  Then go to the post on our Facebook page and comment on the Hatchimal post about why you want a Hatchimal!

So the more people you add to the group, the better your chances of winning!  If you aren't already a member, joining the group between now and Sunday will enter you in as well!

We know Hatchimals are pretty rare, so if you aren't able to get one and your kiddo really wants it for Christmas, Target now has Hatchimal-themed gift cards!

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Proof we have one:


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