Sunday, January 8, 2017

Target: Pampers $12.91/box ONLINE!

Get over 50% off Pampers diapers without having to leave the house!
There are some good deals going on at Target this week for diapers (check out the in-store ones here).  But for those who are snowed in, or just don't want to drag the baby to the store, here's how you can just order them online for great savings!

Target has a deal with some diapers (mostly Pampers, and varies on sizes and type) right now where if you subscribe when you order them, you'll get 15% off the first order and 20% off the second order that will automatically come (when you choose it to come).

They are also giving gift cards for diaper purchases: a $20 gc wyb $125 in diapers, and a $10 gc for select boxes of diapers (see which are included here).  So each time you buy 6 boxes of diapers, you get $50 in gift cards!

Here are the diapers that are generating coupons AND can be subscribed to.  For each one, purchase 6 boxes for $24.99 each ($149.94), subscribe to get the discount ($127.44), and get $50 in gcs ($77.44).  Your OOP cost is just $12.91 per box!

Note: If you had a Target Red Card and a Baby Registry 15% off coupon, you would only have paid $10.42 per box!!

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