Friday, February 3, 2017

Couponing at Dollar Tree

Here is all of the information that you need to coupon at Dollar Tree!

Unlike most other stores, couponing at Dollar Tree is pretty easy because everything only costs $1!  No need to wait for ads or read coupon matchups - whatever your coupon is for, just subtract it from $1 and that will be your OOP cost!  (Just make sure to read the fine print on your coupon so that the item you're getting isn't excluded.)

Dollar Tree also doesn't have any store coupons, rewards programs, or anything else that you may need to keep track of.  They simply sell everything for $1 and accept manufacturer's coupons.  The only noteworthy coupon policy is that they will only accept two printable coupons per transaction (they are fine accepting as many insert coupons as you have, provided you follow any limits on the coupon itself).  Different stores may have different policies on how many transactions you can do in one visit.

They also do not give any overage.  If you have a $1.50/1 coupon, you can still use it and get the item for free, but you will not get $.50 back.

That's it!  That's all you need to know about couponing at Dollar Tree!  See, we told you it was easy!

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Please make sure to double-check store policy and coupon fine print before shopping. Please follow all coupon rules.