Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Couponing at Rite Aid

New to shopping at Rite Aid?  Here is an explanation for you!

Rite Aid is a great place to coupon, because they have a lot of stacking deals.  However, when people throw out terms like "Plenti" and "" it can get a bit confusing!  Hopefully we can simplify it a bit for you here.

Before we begin, we want you to be aware that Rite Aid sales run from Sunday through Saturday.

Rewards Program
Rite Aid's rewards program is called Wellness+ Plenti.  You can sign up online or in their store, and you will get a card.  Scan this card each time you shop to earn Wellness+ and Plenti points.  Your will also be able to add digital coupons to your card that are automatically applied at checkout (more on this later).
Rite Aid has TWO rewards systems: Wellness+ points and Plenti points.  We'll discuss each of them in their own section, since they overlap and there is a lot of information about each!

Plenti Points
Rite Aid allows you to earn Plenti points through their weekly and monthly promotions.  Some of these promotions will be for purchasing a certain number of items, such as earning 200 Plenti points for buying four tubes of toothpaste.  Others will be for spending a certain amount of money, such as as earning 500 points when you spend $20 on beauty products.  For these deals, you don't need to spend the $20 all in one transaction, as long as you meet the threshold before the expiration date.  100 Plenti points = $1 in credit that you can earn on a future purchase.  Each Plenti points offers usually has a limit of two uses.

There will be a weekly ad each Sunday that will show which items will earn you Plenti points.  There are also month-long promotions called Rite Buys.  These will also be listed in the Sunday ads, but they will last the entire month.  Or you can find unadvertised Rite Buys on the price tags in the store.  Keep an eye out on these, because if the beginning of a new month is on a Tuesday, they will begin a few days early on the Sunday before!

The awesome thing about Plenti points is that you can earn them at more places than just Rite Aid!  Here is a list of Rite Aid partners through whom you can also earn points.  You can also redeem these points at these other locations as well!  You must have at least 200 Plenti Points (or $2) in your account in order to redeem points. And the total at the register after coupons must be at least $2 to use your points

Wellness+ Points
Wellness+ points are earned by spending money at Rite Aid.  You earn one point per dollar that you spend (before coupons and Plenti points) and up to 25 points per prescription that you fill.  Your points add up throughout the calendar year, and earn you discounts on your shopping purchases.  Here are the different levels you can achieve:
  • Bronze (100 points): Receive a one-time 10% off shopping pass for every 100 points you earn on your way to Silver.
  • Silver (500 points): Receive 10% off almost the entire store for a year!
  • Gold (1,000 points): Receive 20% off almost the entire store for a year!
If you reach Silver or Gold status in April, for example, you’ll hold that status throughout the rest of that calendar year AND the next year! Then, while you maintain your new status, you’ll have to accumulate new points in order to be Silver or Gold the next year.

Once a month, Rite Aid has what is called Wellness Wednesday.  On this day, Wellness+ members who are over the age of 65 receive 20% off the entire store or the sale price (whichever is greater) once a month on Wellness Wednesday.  Also, a Wellness+ coupon booklet is released o, but you don’t have to be over 65 to use the coupons.  These are only good for that particular Wednesday, and you can find them at the front of the store or near the pharmacy. They usually contain nine high-value coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons.

Store Coupons
There are a couple of different kinds of store coupons at Rite Aid.  It can be a bit confusing at times, so we're going to break them down for you.

Digital coupons - You can add digital coupons (called Load2Card coupons) to your Wellness+ Plenti cards either going to the Rite Aid website or using their app.  Now, to be clear, even though they are on your store card, they are manufacturer's coupons.  This means that you can only use them one time, and you cannot stack them with an insert or printable coupon.  Typically the Load2Card coupons will be similar to the ones available in inserts or to print, but may have a higher value.

RC49 coupons - These coupons are also named kind of funny.  They are called "Rite Aid Manufacturer's Coupons," but they are really STORE coupons!  So they can be used with a manufacturer's coupon at the store.  They get their name because the first four digits of the barcode (highlighted in the picture) are always "RC49."

You will usually find RC49 coupons in the weekly ad, on the bottom of your receipt (so always check!), in your email, or in your mailbox.  The Wellness+ coupon booklet coupons are RC49 coupons.

RC48 coupons - Rite Aid Valuable coupons, or RC48 coupons, are a lot more rare than RC49 coupons.  These coupons can be found printed at the bottom of your receipt, printed out as catalina coupons, in the weekly ad, or as green peelies on the product itself (these are different that manufacturer coupon peelies)!  Hint: when you look at the green RC48 peelies, check to see if it says "good on any."  This means that even if you found it on a big bottle of shampoo, you could use it on the smaller sized bottles instead!

Stacking Deals
Rite Aid allows you to stack deals to help get the lowest out of pocket (OOP) possible.  You can use up to three coupons per item at one time: a manufacturer's coupon, an RC48 coupon, and an RC49 coupon!  This can add up to huge savings!  If you happen to have a catalina (a manufacturer's coupon that is for a certain amount off your next purchase), you can use it as well.

If there are BOGO sales, you cannot use a coupon on a free item.  You can, however, use a coupon on a BOGO 50% off sale, as long as the coupon value doesn't exceed the cost of the item.  If you do, the value of the coupon will just be adjusted down so there is no overage.  This adjusting down of the coupon happens anytime you use a coupon that is worth more than the item's price.  Rite Aid does not allow moneymakers or overage - the only way to get a moneymaker is by using rebate apps.

You can both earn Plenti points AND redeem them in the same transaction.  However, when you earn them, they won't be available to use until 6a the next day, so you can't just roll them into another immediate transaction.  When it comes to redeeming Plenti points, the best way to do it is to save all the points you receive one week and use them the following week to pay for new Plenti Points promotions.

The order that you give coupons doesn't matter.  The register will automatically calculate the coupons in this order:
  1. Sale price or Wellness+ status discount (whichever is more)
  2. Load2Card coupons
  3. Any other manufacturer and store coupons
  4. Plenti points that are being redeemed
When you check out and want to use Plenti points, just press the button and it will automatically deduct the maximum amount of points that you can use.  If you would rather use a fewer, specific amount, just let the cashier know (before you press the button) and they can do it manually.

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