Tuesday, March 28, 2017

FREE $5 gift card + earn hundreds of dollars!

Do you have a chronic health condition?  Or are you a caregiver of someone who does?  You may be eligible to receive a $5 gift card of your choice, plus opportunities to earn up to hundreds of dollars more by simply answering questions about your health care experiences!

There is a company called Rare Patient Voice that was formed to provide patients and caregivers with rare diseases an opportunity to voice their opinions through REIMBURSED surveys and interviews to improve medical products and services.

We have been involved with Rare Patient Voice for several years now.  One of our bloggers has severe Crohn's disease, an autoimmune disease that affects the digestive tract.  It has led to numerous doctor visits, hospital stays, and chemotherapy treatments.  Rare Patient Voice wants to hear about those kinds of experiences from people with chronic health conditions to instigate conversation between patients and health care provides, the pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Applying to Rare Patient Voice is free!  If you qualify, you will receive a $5 gift card.  Right now, they are accepting applicants for ALL chronic health conditions.  After you qualify, you MAY be contacted time and again for compensated surveys or other research opportunities.

Just a couple of weeks ago, our blogger participated in a one-hour phone conversation about Crohn's and pregnancy.  They were reimbursed $125 for that conversation!

You can sign up here.  When you are asked who referred you, please put The Crazy Shopping Cart with an email address of thecrazyshoppingcart@gmail.com.  Remember, both patients AND caregivers can apply individually!

We want to be clear that your information will NOT be sold or given elsewhere.  You will not receive any spam for applying or participating at all.

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