Thursday, March 16, 2017

Walmart: Our $5 shopping trip!

Look what we got at Walmart for an OOP of only $4.67!

New to couponing at this store?  Go here for a detailed "how-to" explanation! Remember that prices may be regional, so your store may have a different price than what we put here.  Make sure you join our Facebook group to get updated with the latest deals as soon as they are posted, as well as see extra deals unique to the group!

We paid $35.92 at the register, and got back $30.50 in Ibotta rebates and $.75 in Mobisave rebates for an OOP cost of $4.67!  If you don't have the Ibotta app yet, then download it here and get an extra $10 when you submit your first rebate!

Here's a breakdown of what we bought, and at the end, we explain the process we go through when we want to do hauls like this.
We reached our Level 1 Ibotta bonus with 12 rebates, so we got $1 from that.  We also reached our March Ibotta bonus with 15 rebates, which gave us another $10!  Then we had a unique $.25/1 Ibotta rebate for any item!  Some of the rebates we listed may have already expired.

If you're wondering how to do hauls like this on your own, here's what we did:

  1. Go through the Ibotta rebates of stores you regularly shop at (Walmart usually has the most) and unlock any rebates of items that you're going to use anyway and any that have high amounts.  For example, we don't usually get Popchips or Telula, but they had high rebates, so we wanted to see if they could be freebies or close to it.
  2. If you use insert coupons frequently, search our database to search for coupons of the items whose rebates you unlocked.
  3. If you can use printable coupons, then search our two coupon databases here and here to see if there are any printable coupons that match the rebates you unlocked.
  4. Go through the Mobisave and Checkout51 apps, as well as any other rebate apps you might have, and check if there are stacking rebates (like Tic-Tacs, Oreos, and LA Looks).
  5. Go the website of the store you're going to be shopping at, and check online prices for the items.  This is kind of hit or miss, since some stores don't post all prices for all items.
  6. As you go through the store, log in to the wifi of the store and leave your Ibotta app open to the "redeem rebates" page.  As you put an item in the cart, scan it right then as being redeemed.  This not only saves you time after the purchase, but it also helps you make sure you have the right item for the rebate (size, flavor, etc.)  There's nothing worse than getting home and finding out an item didn't qualify for the rebate!
  7. After purchasing, before you leave the store, take a picture of the receipt and upload to Ibotta right then.  Sometimes by the time you get home, your receipt will have already finished processing!

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