Friday, April 7, 2017

Our Target and Kroger Hauls: $125 for over $400 in groceries!

Take a look at the savings we got this week at Kroger and Target!

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We got all of this food for $125.42!  If we had have just bought it without coupons, it would have cost $428.11, so we saved about 71%.  There were 205 items, so it averages to about $0.61 per item!  We did this over several days and multiple transactions; we followed all coupon rules for both the stores and on the coupons themselves.

Here's the breakdowns for everything we got.  If we've already posted about the deal, we've just linked the item to that post.  Otherwise, we've put a breakdown here.

  • 12 dozen eggs
    • On sale for $1.49
    • Used a 50% Market Pantry Cartwheel
  • 11 bags of Dove Chocolate
    • The bd in our earlier post lists them for $2.67, but our Target had them at a higher price of $3.50 each
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