Friday, May 26, 2017

FREE stuff for shopping!

Earn prizes and gift cards for your regular shopping!

If you're like us, you know that couponing can be time-consuming.  By the time you've clipped coupons, read the ads, and gone to the store, it feels like a full-time job!  Sure, you're saving a lot, but it's common to wonder if it's worth it.

One way to help make couponing worth it is with the National Consumer Panel.  It's a program that wants to know what kind of products the average household purchases each week.  It's so simple!  Just apply here!

If you're accepted into NCP, you'll be sent a handheld scanner.  Each time you buy something, just scan the barcode and submit it!  You'll earn points that can be used to get gift cards, enter raffles, and "purchase" awesome products!  On occasion, you will also be given surveys to help earn points.

It's easy to earn these free gift cards and prizes just for shopping!  Just sign up here!

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