Sunday, June 18, 2017


Amazon Prime Day is coming!!  Start getting ready NOW!  There are TONS of prizes you can win to help you out with your shopping!

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During the past two summers in July, Amazon has had it's annual Prime Day.  It's turning into a bigger shopping day for Amazon than even Black Friday or Cyber Monday!  Last year, Prime Day was their largest shopping day in Amazon's history!

While we don't know the exact day yet for Prime Day (although our guess is July 11th), we can start getting ready now!  We do know that it's going to be 30 hours this year!  It will start at 6pm PST the day before and run until midnight (PST) the next day.  We plan on posting as many of the deals into the group as we can!  (Although, we do still have to feed our kids that day, make sure they stay alive, you know how it is 😜 )

When Prime Day hits, we're going to do everything we can to post the amazing deals in our Facebook group.  We want as many people to be in our group as possible so everyone can get in on the deals!  To that end, we are going to have a BIG giveaway over the next few weeks, and entering will be easy!  We're going to do a drawing for TWO $50 Amazon gift cards!!  For every person that you add to our Facebook group who is still a member on Prime Day, you will get an entry!  Simply being a member of the group will NOT get you entries.  This will go from Sunday, June 18th through two days before Prime Day (so tentatively July 9th) at 6pm CST, when we will announce the two winners.

In addition, we're also going to have small giveaways over the next several weeks that we'll post about in our Facebook group.  In order to not miss out on any of the deals, make sure that your notifications for the group are turned on for EVERY post that's made.  Also, the more you "like" and "comment" on posts in our group, the more we'll show up in your feed.'

If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial here!


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