Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ibotta App Changes

You may have noticed how different your Ibotta app looks!  We've got all the details here!!

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Don't have the Ibotta app yet?  Download it HERE and get an extra $10 when you submit your first rebate!  Then read this article to learn more about how to use it.

If you do have the Ibotta app, you may have notice that it looks very different!  It no longer has a pink background, and the layout has been switched around!  We're here to help guide you through all of the changes.

First, is that the menu that once appeared to the side is now at the bottom!  If you click on the "Account" button on the bottom right, the same old familiar list comes back up (although your earnings show up at the top now instead of in the list).

As you can see from ours, your earnings potential is enormous!!

"Featured" will take you to the homescreen, and "My Rebates" will show the rebates that you've already clipped, in order by STORE!!  This is extremely useful!!

If you prefer the former method of looking for rebates via category or picking from a list of stores, click on "Find Rebates," and the app will look a lot the same like it did before.  Only not quite 🙌

Second, many of the rebates on the Ibotta app can now be redeemed a few times at once!  This means that you can have fewer transactions (with buying them one at a time on different receipts).  It also means not having to wait for rebates to reset to just get two redeemed!  This is a bit more like how Checkout51 does theirs, and we have to say that we like the change!

You can also see as you browse through the rebates, which ones require more than one purchase to redeem (indicated by x____) or can be redeemed multiple times (indicated by the $ inside the squares).  There are a couple of times that a rebate requires the purchase of two separate items entirely (usually with alcohol and a food item).  Those will be indicated by the & symbol.

Third, and perhaps my favorite part, is you may not have to scan as many barcodes!  The new Ibotta update has you take a picture of your receipt first, and it tries to automatically detect which rebates you purchased.  Then you can still go through and scan any it didn't pick up.  Again, a bit like the Checkout51 or Mobisave apps.  But it helps make the app a bit more user-friendly!  (We hope, that is.)

Lastly, the Ibotta app is SO much faster!  We can't count the number of times we've impatiently waited in the store to search for a rebate for a clearance item we've found, or even just to scan an already-planned item.  It also makes it easier to use Ibotta for your online purchases from sites like Groupon, eBay, and Jet.

We LOVE the new Ibotta app!  Sure, it's going to have it's fair share of kinks that will need to be worked out - what new piece of technology doesn't?  And again, if you haven't gotten the Ibotta app yet, get it HERE for an extra $10 when you redeem your first rebate!  (If you don't use our link and instead use an app store, you won't get the $10 bonus.)

So, what do YOU think of the new Ibotta app?

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