Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Rite Aid: top deals 7/2/17!

There are some awesome deals at Rite Aid this week!

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Oral Care products
Transaction #1
Transaction #2
  • Buy two like items of the three you bought in transaction #1 ($8)
  • Use two of the corresponding insert coupons listed in transaction #1 ($6)
  • Pay $6 at the register and get 1,500 Plenti Points, monthly offer
  • OOP cost for both transactions = Pay $24 and get 3,300 Plenti Points, or a $9 MONEYMAKER!!!
Colgate Mouthwash (500 mL), Colgate Toothpaste
Head & Shoulders Shampoo, 12.8-13.5 oz
Febreze Fabric Refresher, Air Effects or Car Vent Clips
Tide/Charmin/Brawny Products
Tic Tac, 60 count
Always Infiniti Pads (11-18 count), Tampax Pearl/Radiant Tampons (16-18 count)
Wylers Light Drink Mixes
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